At Knight Roofing and Gutters, we are committed to helping you keep your roof over your head, while making the process of roofing repairs or replacement as simple and stress-free as possible.

The Process:

Step 1: Our free roof inspection process focuses on extending the life of your roof by inspecting all the roof and chimney flashings, shingles and roof ventilation.

Generally speaking, from all the possible areas a roof leak can develop, pipe jacks and chimney flashings are the most common.

Step 2: If any issues are found, we’ll take a detailed video of the issue, educate you on the areas concern (if any) and offer several solutions to properly address the situation. All of this at no cost and no obligation!

Step 3: If repairs are needed, our team will manage every aspect of the repair from scheduling to clean up so you can focus on what’s important for you and your family.

Example of Hail Damage on a Roof. At Knight Roofing and Gutters, we offer free storm damage roof inspections.
Example of Hail Damage on a Roof. At Knight Roofing and Gutters, we offer free roof inspections following storms.

Examples of hail damage on a roof. At Knight Roofing and Gutters, we offer free roof inspections following storms.

What is hail damage to my roof?

Hail damage is the result of precipitation consisting of smooth or irregularly shaped lumps of ice. The effects of hail damage on your roof vary based on several factors such as: the size and intensity of the hailstorm, the age of the roof, roof steepness, and components installed on the roof to mention only a few variables. Getting a storm damage roof inspection will tell you what kinds of roof or gutter repairs you might need and document any damage to help you with your insurance assessment.

Commonly, hailstorm damage to roof shingles consists of somewhat circular black spots of missing shingle granulates, which results in premature shingle wear as the black matting of the shingle is now exposed to the elements. Large enough hail has the potential to crack and cause dents and punctures to the shingles.

Although, the roof is the most vulnerable component of a building during any storm, additional signs of hail damage to your roof include dents to the gutters and downspouts, dings on roof flashings and garage doors, dents on aluminum siding, and cracks on vinyl siding to mention a few.

Not all damage from hail storms is claim worthy damage. In essence, it is important for your professional roofer to conduct an honest, thorough roof and gutter inspection before an insurance claim is made. Filing an unnecessary claim on your home can have unwanted effects such as missing out on discounts from your insurance company or even rate increases.

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